New Noise Magazine is pleased to bring forth the electric new song from Johnny Manna entitled “Cabin.” The song features Dillon Joseph with plenty of soothing harmonies vocally. The song features Manna’s most expansive dynamics to date, with the use of effective layering and concise motifs to bring lively hooks with large payoffs. The¬†staccato guitars laid down wind together with the snapping drums, providing a steady foundation for the bass and other guitars to add to the orchestration. Manna and Dillon Joseph effectively perform a call and response style of dueling vocals, extremely reflective and thoughtful about the way life ends up going. The guitar solo that cuts through the song before the final act is vivacious, ending with an emotive catch to an already contemplative song. Manna has released plenty of music before, ranging from acoustic ballads and now the exclusive premiere of “Cabin” showcases how far the young singer has come.

“Most of the inspiration for the song came from the honest feeling of making things worse while trying to make things better and realizing that you’re the one causing the problems but feeling like you can’t do anything about changing your thoughts or actions. I personally also like the almost quirkiness of the melodies and instrumentals while the lyrics remain as honest as possible.” – Johnny Manna

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