New Noise Magazine is ready to bring forth the synth glittered track “Faith In What You Hear” by Jupe Jupe. The song has an upbeat vibe to it but lends itself to much darker lyrical content, making it the perfect agent of an infectious track forced to make you think. With a clap happy drum beat, the instrumentals find ways to warble and bring a mystifying presence to the atmosphere. The guitars are bright, aiding the vocals in landing a fantastic melody. “Faith In What You Hear” is off of Lonely Creatures, the latest full length from Jupe Jupe. The independent release is out September 19th.

“’Faith in What You Hear’ is about the possible unseen danger of blind trust. Sometimes the words we think we want to hear can turn out to be as hurtful as what we tried to avoid. Musically we wanted to lay this melancholy on a pulsing dance feel, going for an electropop/post-punk sound. We’ve always enjoyed music and vocals that are a bit mismatched in that way.”

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This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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