We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Kids and Chemicals’ new song “Sea of Trees” (listen below). Patrick Carney of Kids and Chemicals comments on the track:

“‘Sea of Trees’ is about a girl who is on the cusp of committing suicide to be with her dead lover. This is probably the simplest track on the album. Just guitars, drums and a little pan pipe sample. We really wanted the guitars to sound huge, like something from Weezer’s Blue Album. We ran a Jaguar through a Marshall 800 and layered it like five times and it came out pretty great.”

Upcoming Shows:
April 6 – Springfield, MO at Front of House
April 7 – Kansas City, MO at Tank Room
April 8 – Tulsa, OK at Savage Space
April 14 – St. Louis, MO at Foam

About Kids and Chemicals:

Between having an opera singer for a father and being raised in the Southern Baptist church, siblings Liz and Patrick Carney have always been surrounded by music.

A musically diverse upbringing lead to their experimentation in a range of genres, although it was not until 2010 that the pair joined forces for the first time to become the Springfield, Missouri-based duo, Kids and Chemicals. After six years of evolution, the now four-piece band is prepping to release their third record: an ambitious electro rock concept album titled After Life.

“Sea of Trees” is part five in the seven-song saga, which tells the story of two girls and the aftermath of their drug-addled romance. After losing her partner to their shared addiction and being tempted by a demon with promises of a glimpse at ‘the other side,’ the remaining lover decides to take a one-way trip to the forest in lieu of having her body inhabited. Reminiscent of Irish alt rock legends, The Cranberries, and featuring a sampled panpipe amidst crunchy guitars as a primary hook, Sea Of Trees is as hard hitting sonically as the compelling story that accompanies it.

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