New Noise Magazine is bringing “The Godhead Hates Him” by Livin Thing. Livin’ Thing’s brand of punk rock is blown out and goofy. With dueling guitar leads through out songs and the plodding of the bass and drums, the band rallies around the raspy vocal approach. “The Godhead Hates Him” showcases all the highlights of this group, effectively energetic withoutout over doing it. The song comes off of the upcoming vinyl release, The Godhead, out 11/19 via Rat King Records.

“The new record The Godhead by band “Livin Thing” is amazing for many reasons mainly becuz I cant believe I did it all by myself. Touring alone and carrying all the gear every night has been hard and i cant wait to share this gift with my fans. Cant believe it I really did make all those songs completely by myself and played every instrument including TWO guitar (no one has done this). The track ‘The Godhead Hates Him; stands out a lot because the record name The Godhead is half the name of the song. It’s fast and hot and heavy just like me. I built all the instruments and no one helped me. I have met guys of hot punk bands who do everything them self (Conehead, Lumpy And The Dumpers, Pennywise) and i think maximum rock n roll will really love this one. If anyone says they helped then they are a f*** liar.” – Milk Tirehaus the singer of Livin’ Thing

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This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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