Part sci-fi comic series, part band, Living Machines’ new track, “Promise,” comes to life in this explosive new video, seen here first!

“Promise” is a song mostly about personal loss, the emotional weight we experience during times of uncertainty, and the void we feel in the absence of those we love. In the story, this song takes place as one of Gemini’s central characters, Curtis Gearheart contemplates whether or not he has let his father down. After carrying out a massacre of one of the floating ocean districts, Curtis finds himself drunk, alone, and wondering if the death dealt by his hands will be worth it in the end. 

“It’s definitely one of our heaviest songs to date,” the band explains. “Oddly enough, ‘Promise’ almost didn’t make the cut for this new batch of songs. We were ready to throw the towel in after rebuilding it multiple times. Fortunately, our producer Jordan Chase saved the day and helped us bring it to life when we were way too close to the piece. We’re definitely stoked on the end result, and it’s since become one of our favorites.

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