Lo Blow just put out a new video for the track “The Death of Distraction,” out officially October 11 via Revival Recordings.

“‘The Death of Distraction’ is nothing short of what the title suggests,” the band says. “It is an end to taking our minds away from the struggle and bring it to the forefront of the zeitgeist, straight to your ears with the sounds of crashing waves of distortion from the start to end. This song tangos lyrically with ideas of rebellion and deforestation, and the notion that maybe we don’t have to die to reach heaven; it’s possible that we can help to create it here on earth for the next generation to enjoy through humanity’s intelligent design.”

The inspiration behind the conception of the song is rooted in the in a quote by Ernest Fischer: “In a decaying society, art, if it is truthful, must also reflect decay and unless it wants to break faith with it’s social function; art must show the world as changeable and help change it.”

Lo Blow are an open invitation to truly contemplate our actions on this planet with a sense of hopefulness and crushing waves of sound, comprised of members that have spent  time in the music industry with multiple bands including The Bled, Coma Prevail (Tyson Steven ex: Scary Kids Scaring Kids), and CONS. In 2019, Lo Blow signed with Revival Recordings and have begun putting out new music in preparation for their debut EP slated to be released early 2020.

You can also listen to the single on Spotify.


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