We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Lost Your Name’s new song “Behind Me” (listen below). The band’s lead guitarist Joel Schwander comments on the song:

“‘Behind Me’ is the first song we ever wrote together as a band. In the beginning it sounded completely different than today and we rewrote it a lot of times. The track is about realizing that you have to leave a certain place or person to move on and start something new. You have the feeling that you are standing still at the same point, but you get the urge to do something different.”

Lost Your Name might be described best with the indie sound of the 90s. Founded in 2015 they started writing songs – hidden from the world – which they now are to present. While grunge-orientated rhythm riffs team up with post-rock lead guitar sounds, you’ll be surprised by multiple speed changes and a constant atmospheric sound. Supported by intensive drums, the melancholic lyrics fuse to a sweeping melody that never ceases to amaze you. “lost your name” prove their musicianship on a technical as well as on a creative level with a style to which you can cry or marry. Maybe both. The unique sound, the charming voice and their overall sound pattern, makes Lost Your Name worth remembering.

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