New Noise Magazine is ecstatic to be bringing forth the artistic video of “Ghosts” from Lotte Kestner. The band is a pseudonym for Anna-Lynne Williams. The video is shot within grim lighting, shot with Williams singing the song through different textures of lights and moods. The video’s ethereal atmosphere assists the song’s presence, droning with delicate pulses and melodic piano lines. The mixing of the vocals comes off a bit reserved, entranced by the feeling of the song’s embrace. The song is woven absolutely delicately, and the video can be viewed below.

Lotte Kestner garnered national attention when her cover of Beyoncé’s “Halo” was featured in the HBO series The Young Pope. Now, Anna-Lynee Williams as Lotte Kestner is ready to produce Off White, her brand new album, out September 1st via Saint Marie Records.

“After months of writer’s block, ‘Ghosts’ was the song that broke the spell and ushered in the second half of the album, originally inspired by Williams watching the final cut of an indie film she appeared in as a ghost in a wedding gown. Written and recorded within a few hours in the dark with a Copperphone mic and a collection of keyboards, it is a song about doubt, about waiting, about questioning whether you really know what you want. Ultimately, about the ways we try to convince ourselves that we are not alone.” – Anna-Lynne Williams

Pre-Order Off White here.


Photo by Anthon Smith


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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