Video Premiere: Major Moment – “Before It’s Too Late”

New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the exclusive video premiere of “Before It’s Too Late” by Major Moment. The song features plenty of soaring vocals, showcasing the incredible dynamics between the band. The video is a lyric video but utilizes a lot of imagery in the background to help convey the emotions. Take a listen below!

“‘Before It’s Too Late’ was the first song I recorded in my bedroom studio after a long and unfortunate break I took from making music. It was also the first demo song that I started on my own, prior to that I’d always take an idea someone else had and worked around it.

It’s about my personal struggles in life, but is also about the state of the world we live in. Somewhere in a parallel universe, it would be a theme song to the movie “Interstellar”, I love it. I wanted to create a dark atmosphere and a sense of urgency when talking about something as irreversible as human’s life and the choices we make that dictate which direction it will take us. Often, however, by taking some steps we get results that are opposite from what we expect. So, are we leading the way or just blindly follow whatever the path life gives us? Can we change our own life if we wanted to, or will it still be the life we were meant to live?

So, since there has been a long hiatus in my music career, my electric guitars needed to be serviced and I just took my acoustic guitar, and plugged it in the Eleven Rack, with some added distortion. The sound was warm as it was coming from an acoustic, but it also had a metallic cold tone to it, I found it interesting, and recorded the first two bars of just chord changes, then started playing with the main riff. I finished rough sketches of lyrics for the first verse and a chorus, it became clear what this song is about, so I added a ticking clock sample and timed it with the tempo of the song, the acoustic guitar I mentioned also made an impression of a very heavy clock hand moving, so it only made sense. I showed the demo to Sasha, we made some adjustments in the chorus. But it was not until Gabriel and Adam came on board that this song really started to sound massive…”

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