Marked Life just released a grimy, fun video for their latest track, Loner Wolf. Check it out, and stay tuned for more music from the band via The Dreamer Agency.

Marked Life pride themselves on being a progressive nu-metal band that push the limits of normal song structure and music with weird time signature and tempo changes. They started as a side project and slowly grew into a full band when traction and interest in the style began to show.

Vocalist Sam’s take on Loner Wolf:
“’Loner wolf’ is about the person in your life who blames everyone else except for themselves for issues that occur, finding themselves always alone and angry.
“In reference, ‘You’ll never amount to anything’ is what this person made you think. You’ve  been so used to thinking, ‘I can’t do anything without this person,’ but as soon as they’re gone, you realize you’re much better off and realize all of the positive potential you actually have now that you’re not being held back by Loner Wolf.”

Addison is reviews and online news editor for New Noise. She specializes in metal, queer issues, and dog cuddles.

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