In Your Memory have partnered with us to premiere their acoustic video performance video series titled “After Dark Sessions (watch below). Two songs – “Breaking Habits” and “Layers of Lies” – are stripped down acoustic versions of previous tracks, while “Decadence” and “Solace” are new songs that will appear on the band’s upcoming debut LP, which is fully plugged in/electric and was recorded by Jeff Sahyoun of letlive. with Kris Krummett.

1. “Breaking Habits”

Omar (singer): “‘Breaking Habits’ is about the difficulty of coming to terms with your self, fearing the whispers of critics, and fleeing from judgmental eyes. I touch on poor decisions I’ve made in my past, while realizing there will always be someone giving off negative vibes and judging me. So don’t give in to them, stay confident in your decisions, and you’ll never have anything to regret.”

2. “Layers of Lies”

Omar: “In ‘Layers of Lies’ I sum up how it felt to be someone’s phase, only realizing the mess I was in once it was already too late. I realize now that I was blinded by lust and while I drowned in depression, I kept lying to my self in order to keep my hopes high. Eventually, I told her we have to go our separate ways. When she asked why, I told her I couldn’t describe the feeling that I had, only that I knew it was time.”

3. “Decadence”

Omar: “It’s defined as a culture or moral decline from excessively indulging in pleasures; often not considering those you hurt along the way, the dynamic relationship we call, ‘life versus lifestyle.’ These lyrics are an exact quote from a conversation I had with a friend who couldn’t bear to live a life without her family, the same family that abused her. Still, I told her it was time to figure it out alone, and I’m happy to say after cutting those ties she is in a much better place.”

4. “Solace” (Studio Recording)

Omar: “‘Solace’ is the epitome of the party lifestyle, living your life to the fullest but never growing out of that lifestyle. The pressure of the party culture manipulates, folds, and spits us out, sometimes taking away from our true potential.”

Upcoming Shows:

March 24 – Baltimore, MD at Soundstage w/ Enter Shikari, Being As An Ocean
March 31 – Washing, D.C. at Rock & Roll Hotel w/ Four Year Strong, Can’t Swim [Facebook Event]
April 02 – Baltimore, MD at The Raven Inn w/ SouthView, Pronouns, Dakota Kade, Kathleen Baker [Facebook Event]

About the band:

It’s been close to four years since In Your Memory released their self-titled EP, about three years since the release of their follow up EP, Reflections, and almost two full years since they released their cover, Disney’s Mulan – “I’ll Make a Man Out of You.” Over the last year IYM has been putting their heads together writing and recording new songs, but this time around with the support of letlive.’s guitarist Jeff Sahyoun.

Singer Omar Veras comments: “We’ve been waiting to get back into the studio for the longest time now and to think in the next month our record will be ready. All the time that IYM has put into this record will be felt and Jeff did his part in pushing each of us as far as we could go. Once we rap up with Jeff we will then link up with Kris Crummett to finalize everything. We are extremely eager for everyone to listen in on what we have brewing as we collide all of our ideas to one, balancing Chaos & Catchiness, while expressing what Sloppy Vicious really means for those that aren’t hip to us yet.”

The album will be recorded and produced by Jeff Sahyoun (letlive., Stolas, UHBY) and mastered by Kris Crummett (Dance Gavin Dance, I The Mighty, Like Pacific), so stay tuned for more information regarding new music, release dates and special tour announcements from In Your Memory.

In Your Memory:
Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

In Your Memory - Enter Shikari show 2017


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