Premiere: Nine Deer – Side by Side

Check out the brand new single from Nine Deer titled Side by Side, one of the singles off of a six track EP titled “Need.” Nine Deer is an experimental indie project based in Pittsburgh featuring queer vocalist/songwriter Nic Kielbasa and Caden Clinton (Drummer for Pool Kids). Their Debut EP, “Need,” will be out on May 11.

When I first wrote and recorded the demo for this song, I had just gotten laid off from my job back when the pandemic had just started. It was springtime in Portland–my favorite time of the year there– and I was spending most of my time alone in my room, on bike rides, or on scenic drives. I remember recording this demo, the first demo recorded of the whole EP, and driving around aimlessly on scenic highways listening to it. I don’t think I realized it then but these moments of reflection, specifically during solo drives or bike rides, became a huge inspiration for the overall mood of the songs I was recording. You could call it “road trip music” haha. These demos would eventually become Need with the help of Caden Clinton and Lon Beshiri.” – Nic Kielbasa

Over the pandemic, Kielbasa and  Clinton have been crafting the Debut effort  for Nine Deer – even at times living on the opposite sides of the country. In 2022, the two both relocated to PA where they will make their start as a live band.

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