Nowhere Nation has released their second single,“See Inside Your Mind,” the next chapter from the band’s forthcoming visual concept album Omicron, which tells the story of a corrupt, beyond-secret government agency, out September 18

Created by Arthur Blume and produced by Doug Rockwell (5 Seconds of Summer, Sleeping with Sirens), each track from Omicron threads together a rich concept, architected like an adrenaline- pumping mini-movie, across the album’s twelve tracks.

“This song is a crucial part of the story,  as Peter is at the height of his power—or so he thinks. I chose to hypnotically repeat the title to evoke Peter’s quasi-hypnosis of people who fall into his reality distortion field,” shares Blume.“The motto ‘the world is not enough,’  to which this song alludes, is actually the family motto of James Bond.” 

Check out the first chapter in the story, “Omicron,” here. 

Snag the record here. 


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