“Tilt The Clox” is the first track from Officer’s eagerly awaited second album entitled Night Tennis, which will be released on February 28, 2020.

It follows the critically acclaimed debut album Myriads. Officer is singer-songwriter Dc Logan and a collaborative collective of his musician friends. Born in Glasgow and raised in Northern Ireland, Logan drifted to London to get his music heard and has been playing the circuit for the past few years.
He plays under the name of Officer, as it signifies both everything and nothing. Officers are ordinary and occupy almost every sphere of culture—they are present everywhere but rule nowhere.
The song title “Tilt The Clox” comes from the clocks going back, with people running out of time, frantically tilting all the clocks they come across, caught in a desperate and weirdly comical denial.
The album title Night Tennis was inspired by the 1966 Robert Rauschenberg performance art piece Open Score, and the artwork is a painting by Dc’s friend, artist Ben Jamie, created especially for this album.

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