Denver’s Palehorse/Palerider present a moody new EP for your listening pleasure, Fire Gone Out/ Häxan. 

“Shortly after the release of our critically acclaimed first album, Burial Songs, we began seeking inspiration for the next step in our journey as a band,” Palehorse/Palerider explain. “We looked, and we listened to the ghosts we have lost, and were guided west, like many before us. The end result is this two-song EP that captures both the heavy, doomgaze sound that Palehorse/Palerider has come to be associated with and a glimpse into what will become our second full-length album.

“‘Fire Gone Out’ is the English translation for the Choctaw word ‘Keota,’ which is a former town on the mostly forgotten eastern plains of our home. Once known as the “Arcadia Of The West”, it now molders into dust, as the spirits of those who lived there look on. This song is about those who prospered there only to loose it all in the black blizzards of the Dust Bowl.

“‘Häxan’ takes it’s name and inspiration from the Danish film of the same name and mixes sonic and lyrical parallels and paradoxes regarding ignorance of the unknown while hinting at the question of what comes after persecution.”

Purchase the record here. 


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