Just under a year since firing their debut EP All That’s Left To Do Now Is Sleep With Each Other, Hull’s scariest kids Parasitic Twins are back with a split EP alongside crust punk mob The Carnival Rejects, The Parasitic Rejects, out May 29 via Man Demolish Records. Caught somewhere between aching low-end doom and histrionic punk rock, the six-track EP sees a caustic evolution.

Male mental health is becoming more spotlighted every day, and myself and Max [guitars and vocals] want to offer any support we can to spread the word,”  says drummer Dom Smith of Parasitic Twins. 

The band succeed in harnessing the youthful rage of their debut EP while showing off a sharper production and tighter songwriting chops. teaming up with The Carnival Rejects gives a more rounded, albeit none-the-less vicious, offering that nabs the heavier elements of Pig Destroyer and Discharge. 

Purchase the album here. 


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