Ravage Ritual was born in 2011 in Seinäjok, Finland. After a few smaller releases and their first full-length Soul Eater in 2014 they are back with their second full-length, titled Higher Power. Influenced by bands like Integrity, Kickback, Arkangel, and Bolt Thrower, Higher Power forms a coalition of pure negative energy and northern darkness.

Higher Power will be released on CD through Sjk Negative Records on October 21st, and later on vinyl through Sell Your Soul Records, Soaked In Torment and Unquiet Records.

You can stream the new track “Millenial Reign” below.

Higher Power Track Listing:
1. True Religion
2. Mind Trap
3. Millenial Reign
4. God of War
5. Spiritual Power
6. Phobos
7. Deimos
8. Powered by Torment
9. Pedestal
10. Total Void

Upcoming Shows:
21.10. Seinäjoki, Bar15
5.11. Rock The Bear, Vantaa
11.11. Vastavirta, Tampere
12.11. Tukikohta, Oulu
25.11. Oranssi, Helsinki
17.12. Tvo, Turku


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