New Noise Magazine is excited to be bringing forth the music video of “Break Me Open” by The Relationship. Started by Brian Bell (of Weezer fame), The Relationship is quickly gathering its legs with artistic performers and visionaries, bringing forth a grand fresh air of music. “Break Me Open” does just that with soaring hooks and blistering guitar lines. The chord progressions weave with identifiable melodies bound to get latched into one’s head. Each refrain has a classic feel to it, energetic and happily bouncing along to a tapping rhythm. The music video is beautifully shot, grasping the elegance of the song and was directed by Steven Johnson. “Break Me Open” is from Clara Obscura, released April 18th via Rebel Union Recordings / Lolipop records / Burger Records. Headlonged by the decades of work underneath Brian Bell, the album is full of catchy sing alongs with a pleasing sonic aesthetic.

“I think the ‘Break Me Open’ video captures the raw and vibrant energy of the song. This video came as an idea of director Steven Johnson using slow motion and real time shooting to create a visually interesting and vibe-y video.” – Brian Bell

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Photo by Renee Carey


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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