We’re happy to bring you the latest ballad from Roeslit Bone, “I Pissed the Bed.”

Roselit Bone is a country band that you can tell grew up on punk rock. But there’s as much Roy Orbison here as there is the Cramps. There is a dark cinematic quality to the Portland band’s music that sets it far apart from its psychobilly, cowpunk, or alt country predecessors.

“I Pissed The Bed” from their upcoming LP out July 19 on Get Loud Recordings, could be played a dingy establishment where old country western fans, punks, and goths can sit at a bar together to drink away their misery.

“Some of the best country songs are ones in which the narrator tries to make a case for their own humanity after they’ve drank away their lives and relationships,” say the band. “I also love some of the more unhinged Hank Jr. songs where his only lament seems to be that none of his friends want to get fucked up any more. With ‘I Pissed the Bed,’ I tried to write a catchy song about driving drunk and shooting at cops that captures both sides while also drawing on my own base-level self-loathing.”

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