New Noise Magazine has dirtied themselves up and by doing so brought forth the new EP from Scary Stories. Entitled ROPE, the six song release is full of gritty, raw and gut punching post-hardcore tracks. Maintaining true to the core of the genre, Scary Stories let their vitriolic nature run rampant across each track, utilizing dissonant guitar twangs to further rough up the listener. The vocals range from aggressive howls to fire breathing screams, replenished by frantic song structures. It’s meant to leave a listener feeling like a storm is on the rise. To be quite fair between the storm and ROPE, Scary Stories know how to give everything to their time on stage.

Formed out of New Jersey, the band previously released the teeth cutting Shimmers. With that notch in their belt satisfied, the band sunk their heels and wrote ROPE, the filthier older sibling ready to rumble with the most dangerous of foes (out June 15th via Black Numbers). Opening with the furious “(Numb)ers,” the band quickly leaves a bullet point of what to expect. Spastic guitar riffs break through barricades, with an equally explosive title-track following behind. “White Plague” ends the EP with droning feedback and a quick uppercut of pummeling drums. Listen to ROPE below and read about the process behind recording the EP from Scary Stories’ Paul.

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What was the mindset behind writing ROPE?

We really didn’t go in with anything particular in mind except “we’re going to write another 6 song EP…” We started the process with a song Adam had pretty much finished (“Numbers”) and then it snowballed from there. The “Rope” theme stemmed from finishing the song. We felt that it captured the aura of the record and band in general.

There are a couple moments when the EP slows down and a more melodic
side is unveiled, was that natural to the process?
Yeah, all the songs unfolded organically with input from everyone. Everybody in this band really listens to each other and nothing is forced making the writing process very fulfilling.

“Fall Cleanups” has such a gritty feel to it, mind going into how that one came about?

That one actually came from an unplanned practice between Greg and I after a long day at work.. Greg started playing a tom beat and the riff/structure came from there. Vic and Adam made it better the next time we all got together.

I thought it would be cool to have a pre-chorus/chorus/post-chorus in a song as there are not many Scary Stories songs with repeated sections. It just happened to work well with this song. This is probably our “poppiest” tune structure-wise, so I’m happy to hear it still comes off as gritty. The lyrics had me reexamining my privilege and that “alone” feeling of being someone who doesn’t necessarily put himself out there in a way that demands to be heard.

With so much aggressive music these days, how hard is it to keep people’s attention, do you think that comes into play when writing music with a bunch of rhythm/chord/pacing changes?

I never wanted Scary Stories to be just another “flash in the pan” band. We always wrote for each other everyone’s input is explored. I am grateful for anybody else that takes the time to listen and gives us any type of feedback. I don’t expect much. My main concern is Adam, Greg, and Vic. With our hectic schedules, I am thankful to get in a room with them and make the noise that I value as a crucial outlet. The songs have an urgent/tense feel because they come from an urgent and tense place.

The twang of “More Weight” makes me wish it was the old west and there was a saloon whiskey sing along, what about you?

I like that and I hope you don’t mean it in a cheesy type of way. I like my heavy music with some twang. More single coils in hardcore please.

Favorite moment on the EP?

The 1:30 mark of Track 6 (“White Plague”) until the end. Adam had that riff looming over us for a while and we finally built a song around it that gives it proper justice. “No more blind-eyed tunnel vision and no more shelter in silence…” came from Vic challenging me to write a better closing line for the EP. I think that bit is an appropriate end to this batch of songs.

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