New Noise Magazine is starting this Thursday off with a groove thick with distortion and fit for preparing for the weekend ahead. A Shadow Of A Jaguar are premiering their song “Veruca Bath Salts” below. The song’s steady drum beat allow for listeners to find their head nodding along quite easily. It’s a bit hypnotic, helped with a simplistic guitar riff that fits within the dynamics of the syncopation. A Shadow Of A Jaguar ease their song into a controlled explosion after the bridge, as the line drops “SHE’S FREAKING OUT” and then the song finds an entire new space to sift in. The tongue in cheek title is a perfect introduction for new fans to understand this band’s rhythmic appeal.

“Ever wanted to eat a person? We think about it all the time…. A story from our dark imagination.” – A Shadow Of A Jaguar



This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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