New Noise Magazine has taken a grim turn with the premiere of “The Devil In Your Eyes” by The Shape. With the exclusive video premiering below, viewers can watch a short horror plot take place within the song’s visceral soundscape. With drums that batter against any eardrum, vocals that range between melodic shrills and crushing screams and breakneck guitar riffs, expect plenty of epic moments. The music video’s constant camera vibrations help enhance the chaos of The Shape. “The Devil In Your Eyes” is the second track off of The Shape’s upcoming full length, The World Away, out August 4th.

“Everyone has their own demons, but when multiple people share the same ‘devil,’ it tends to just grow and grow until something abrupt and negative occurs. The longer it festers, the worse the outcome becomes. “The Devil In Your Eyes” is about seeing that clash coming just long enough so it won’t destroy what you’ve built up or worked for — whether that’s personal growth, a friendship, marriage, project, etc. Acknowledge your traitors, and negate their impact. Be the empire that withstands the great fire.” – Brian, vocalist for The Shape

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This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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