Signals Midwest just dropped their latest track, “Your New Old Apartment,” off their forthcoming record Pin, out August 2 via Lauren Records.

“‘Your New Old Apartment’ started out as a letter-song to one of my best childhood friends about wanting to stay connected as our lives continue to evolve,” says Max Stern of Signals Midwest.. “I wrote it after visiting him and his wife in Philadelphia, where I now live, in early 2016. I was trapped in a snowstorm and got stuck there for an extra day or two without any way to work on music, but the song started swimming through my head, and I scribbled some words down in transit. When I got home, I finished it in probably 15 minutes. It all came out at once, in one clear, fully-formed thought. When I got to the end, I realized that it wasn’t just about one friend; it’s a song about maintaining connection and lines of communication with the people we love.”

Purchase the album here. 


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