Stepping Sideways are presenting a brand-new video for “The Tempest,” the first chapter of the musical saga they are currently creating.

Stepping Sideways is a conceptual, progressive/hard rock band from New Orleans, LA. Their concept is presented through massive, atmospheric sound and epic storytelling in the form of graphics and written word that tell a cosmic tale of a multi-dimensional being called the Traveler. As they embark on the next step in their chapter, “Tempest” serves as the an introduction into the story arc that weaves throughout their epic saga.

Joey of Stepping Sideways states, “In our first music video, we have a correlated moment where our character Tristan has lost his memories, being unconsciously drawn to the amulet that draws the power known as Scalar which the travelers and Djinn derive all of their power from. Upon coming in contact with the amulet and “last lexicon of the Travelers,” he is inexorably thrust into a shade of our realm where the beings of shadow reside. They torment him until he comes in contact with his spiritual “mirror self.” This leads him to the recollection of his memories which awakens him back to the knowledge that he is something more than human.”

Check out more music on their website. 


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