New Noise Magazine is stoked to be bringing forth the split between STNNNG & Child Bite. Both bands provide gritty tracks that push the boundaries of garage punk and mix in elements of experimental theatrics. It begins immediately with “Black Dog 2” by Minneaplois’ STNNNG. It’s a bit of  fourth wall break, as they invite the listener into the opening song, and move gracefully into the perfectly structured “Relentless Memory Man.” The song is groovy, steady and showcases the songwriting ability of the band.

Child Bite’s side of the split is done in very much the same fashion. The group spiral their way into a cataclysmic opening and let their drums crush through the mix. Their exotic sound is mixed with furious instrumentals and a vocal delivery that feels more like an inner hymn coming to the surface than any planned experience. It’s a bit hypnotizing, adding to the noise with a swing of pulsating grace.

The split is out on November 10, and can be pre-ordered right here via Forge Again Records. The vinyl comes in a hazy but beautiful splattered vinyl, and is not a product to miss out on, especially since it is vinyl only.

Child Bite | STNNNG


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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