We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Stories Through Storms’ new lyric video for their song “Jog On” (watch it below). The track is taken from the band’s sophomore EP What Keeps Me Up At Night.

The band comments on the song:

“We wanted to write a song that was different from our usually personal tracks but we wanted to make sure you still felt something when you heard it. Our music is usually very serious and heart felt but every now and then you have to kick back and have fun and that’s what we did making ‘Jog On.’ We had a bunch of friends come in and hang out to do shouts with us and it was a blast. All the talking you hear in the background is us hanging out with our friends. It is our party song. You can feel how much fun we had making this track. That’s what music is about for us. We want to spark a feeling with every track.”

About the band:

Stories Through Storms is a dual frontman metalcore band from Kansas City, Kansas consisting of Storm Ruby (Vocals), Austin Spencer-Androes (Vocals), River Dunaway (Guitar), Nick Thornton (Guitar), Chandler Hollon (Bass), and Jonathan Ostler (Drums). A melting pot of music tastes, Stories Through Storms has the ability to bring something to the table for everyone. There are no rules or boundaries for this band’s music. From heavy djenty breakdowns to catchy choruses and blazing fast vocals. The duo of vocals almost seem to go to war in each song with the trading of lines back and forth, each vocalist with their own unique sound. Combining this front line vocal onslaught with a mixture of catchy guitar lines and a complimentary percussive attack, Stories Through Storms will resonate in your head until they hook.

Tour Dates:
March 21 – Chicago, IL
March 22 – Minneapolis, MN
March 23 – Sioux Falls, SD
March 24 – Omaha, NE
March 25 – Topeka, KS

Stories Through Storms:
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