Hailing from Tyrol, embedded in the snowy mountains of Austria, Symmetry is a young four-piece founded in late 2014. Consisting of main singer and rhythm guitar player Matthias Kreidl, lead guitar player Mario Troppmair, drummer Markus Zimmermann and on bass guitar Franz Oberlechner they are now releasing their first EP entitled Cope.

Cope as a six-song EP is about the process of letting go and finding peace with yourself. “Everything started in early 2016 when my uncle died due consequence of cancer”, says Mario Troppmair main songwriter of Symmetry. “I saw my aunt dealing with this immense emotional pain of being left behind with her two boys. As a teenager, this would have never affected me the way it did in the past year and to get along, I had to put my thoughts and feelings on paper. This was really important for me because in general, I find it hard to talk openly about my feelings.”

“Musically we drew inspiration from a lot of bands like the 90’s Emo movement and newer bands like Brand New, Balance and Composure, Citizen and Basement”, states co-songwriter and drummer Markus Zimmermann. “In the first few months of existence, it was a real self-discovery for the four of us because everyone had a different musical background”. Cope is the product of finding together, working things out as a unit and expanding our boundaries.

These six songs are for everyone, who feels left alone, due to the death of a beloved person or a breakdown of a relationship, because once in a while everyone feels this way and this EP should remind you about exactly that. Without carrying things too far, at the end of the last track, Cope should mark the beginning of something new, for the young four-piece as well as the listener.

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