Synapses Firing are excited to announce their new record, Ruining You, out October 11. You can hear it here before it hits the digital airwaves.

“’Ruining You’ is a concept record about two people falling in love, living together, dying together, and ending up in some weird sort of purgatory they can’t escape from,” says vocalist and guitarist Sean Dowling. “The only way to pass on to the real ‘afterlife’ is to finally forgive each other and learn to co exist despite all the hurtful things they’ve done, with onlookers whispering in their ears all the while. It’s an album about obsession, endings, and lack of closure. The fallout when something that started out promising goes wrong and your life is altered, relationships changed. Where do you go after that? What do you do; who do you become, and how does that define you? Do you make the choice to forgive or trap yourself in a cycle of anger and pettiness? It’s a long way up from the bottom.”

New York City is rightfully regarded as one of the hotbeds of American punk music, but coming out of the Bronx district presented some challenges for Dowling.

“We all come from the Bronx hardcore/punk scene which sometimes had rough edges,” Dowling says. “As we grew older, we all drifted towards musical influences outside of metal and hardcore and wanted a project to reflect that. Making a music scene work in the Bronx was always an uphill battle; there are very few places to practice out here, no house shows, and very few all-ages events. Cops and neighbors were never used to hearing a punk show down the block. There was never a culture or a model to follow.”

Originally formed as an acoustic project allowing Dowling to develop his songwriting chops in work outside of hardcore and metal, Synapses Firing has, over the past five years and a series of releases, expanded out to a four-piece specializing in a crunchy sort of alt rock that has unmistakeable punk influences. The band is now getting set for the October release of Ruining You, a new full-length containing a mixture of songs both old and new that, as the band’s Facebook page describes, hit “straight from the gut to the jaw.”

Learn more and preorder the record. 


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