The Jins are an impressive, buoyant trio – a description that they immediately live up to in their live show and their exuberant new record. The Vancouver band are gearing up to release their upcoming album, Death Wish, on May 17. Their new song is an anthemic mix of fuzz rock and  jangle-pop that will have you channelling the 90s.
“The video is a morbidly hilarious take on pushing your life past its limits, combining ample booze with a rocking-out grim reaper,” the band says. “We are seen literally digging our own graves but in the most joyful manner possible. Who knew death could be so much fun?”

 “We shot the entire video in one fifteen-hour day,” they add. “We basically woke up at 5 a.m. and were laying in our own graves by 6 a.m.  It was a really tough shoot, because we had all kinds of weather during the day which created some neat visual effects, but Jamie did get really sick afterwards. We ended up having a great time though, especially during the party scenes. Unfortunately, most of the liquor you see us drinking in the video is actually iced tea, but that was probably for the best…”

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