Today FLEUVE turns one year old.

Reflecting on all of the work we put into making this album a reality, we truly could not be more pleased with where this album has taken us. From touring Europe, playing key festivals like Dunk!Festival (Be), Dour Festival (Be), Soundrive Festival (Pl) and

Bergmal Festival (Ch) or performing in South Korea, FLEUVE has taken us to more places we’ve ever could imagined.

Needless to say that the success of FLEUVE has always relied heavily on you, the listener. What we do would not be possible without the dedication and investment from each person who has supported us in one way or another. Whether it was pre-ordering FLEUVE on vinyl or CD, or attending one of our shows, the success and opportunity we’ve received to take this album on the road has been fueled by the people willing to spend the time to investigate our craft. For this we are truly and forever grateful.

 – Grégoire Fray (Guitar/Vocal/Keyboard)

About the band:

“The river that everything drags is known as violent, but nobody calls violent the margins that arrest her.”

This quote from Bertolt Brecht is the best way to portray FLEUVE, the devastating new album of Belgian outfit THOT. After a decade of challenging its music across several albums, EPs, videos, alternative versions, remixes and European tours, the gang lead by Grégoire Fray is going to bring a breath of fresh air in the industrial-rock and post-rock genres. Produced by Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna) and engineered in live circumstances, FLEUVE features 9 songs built around a powerful drums/bass/guitar trio, on which passionate vocals, heavy synths, clarinet laments and Bulgarian choirs melt together perfectly. Thereby, FLEUVE is a luminous ode to the European continent and its cultural history, to nature’s immuable inspiration, to women and transcendance. FLEUVE has been released 20th of October 2017 and since then the band has been touring all over Europe &beyond, including performances at Dour Festival (Be), Soundrive Festival (Pl), Žižkovská Noc (Cz), Zandari Festa (Kr), Bergmal Festival (Ch), Dunk Festival (Be) and support for The Young Gods (Ch), Ulver (No).

Grab the limited edition FLEUVE boxset here. The box (limited to 25 copies) will house nine tapes. One tape per song of the album. For each tape, side A will have the album edit of the song, while side B will present the demo version of the same song (see photos below).

Each cassette will come with a download card that will give access to the stems of the song. That way people will have the opportunity to make new edits and remixes of the songs. A 10th download card will be added with the full album version of FLEUVE.

Connect with the band:
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Top photo by Vansography

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