We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Thy Catafalque’s new song “10^(-20) Ångström” (listen below). The track is taken from the band’s upcoming album Meta, which will be officially released on September 16th through Season of Mist.

The band comments on the song:

“This is a song about the smallest subatomic elements of life on Earth. After the death of a life, these subatomic particles re-arrange themselves into new, different life forms. All existence is based on cosmic star dust on this planet.”

Pre-order Meta here.

Meta Track Listing:
1. Uránia
2. Sirály
3. 10^(-20) Ångström
4. Ixión Düün
5. Osszel otthon
6. Malmok járnak
7. Vonatút az éjszakában
8. Mezolit
9. Fehérvasárnap

Artwork: Agnessa Kessiakova (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Tamás Kátai: vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, programming, lyrics

Guest musicians
Attila Bakos: clean vocals on “Uránia”
Judit Csere: cello on “Sirály”
Ágnes Tóth: soprano on “Sirály”
Balázs Tóth: lead guitar on “Ixión Düün”
Orsolya Fogarasi: female vocals on “Malmok járnak”
Zoltán Kónya: vocals on “Malmok járnak”
Luci Holland: oboe on “Malmok járnak”
Gyula Vasvári : clean vocals on “Vonatút az éjszakában” and “Mezolit”
Lambert Lédeczy: vocals on “Mezolit”


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