New Noise Magazine is proud to bring forth the EP Alive In The Valley by Together In Dust. The post-hardcore act use cacophonous melodies with gripping guitar riffs to allow a base for the emotional lyrics to stand firm. Opening track “Sinful Land” is an enthralling tale with a pounding drum beat, weaving through picked guitars and dissonant chord progressions. Together In Dust offer a look at the genre by taking a more raw approach, treating each song on Alive In The Valley with its own narrative, led by impressive instrumentals the whole way through. Alive In The Valley will be self released on June 16th, but listen to the EP exclusively below. Take note, as “Daytime Moon” wreaks havoc upon anyone who listens.

“We’ve had these songs in our live shows for awhile, but when decided to make an EP of them we took a lot of time to tweak them and tighten up all the screws. We worked with Tate Mercer at Forty-one Fifteen in Nashville, TN, and are really pleased with the final result, especially rhythmically and lyrically. The EP has a loose thematic arc that deals with things such as psychosis, regret, indecision, and how events in real life have a way snapping you back to your senses.”

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This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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