L.A. by way of Israel based dream pop rocker Decreek is releasing his release, My Story, on June 7th. The record details the story of Decreek, an individual who developed PTSD while serving in the Israeli Military. The opening track “The Circle” highlights a bit more of the symphonic laden side of this record, while a tune such as “Doing Alright” has tripped out, fuzzy guitars bouncing lightly to the beat. With the hazy approach to the sound, it gives a sonic interpretation of the artist’s dreams, or lens into society. Music is the swell and therapy for Decreek, and My Story really is a shimmering piece of art.

New Noise Magazine is pleased to bring forth the exclusive premiere of My Story by Decreek, with a small look at the meanings behind the songs as well thanks to the track by track provided by the artist.

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The Circle – Staying in the right place in life ,feel part of something bigger

Pool Of Shadows – Looking to get more and more and fill this “pool” that just gets filled with shadows and stays empty in reality.

Doing Alright – We are so low and we are so high at the same time .

Cloud – a prayer to God to save me from myself

Nothing Is Going On – Thinking so much how bad things aren’t what they seem.

Its Never Too Late – keep going no matter what and know that it’s never too late

To The Top – Sometimes to have nothing is to have it all

Free – The feeling and vibe of freedom ,breaking the chains and living life to the fullest.

Fools – Envy



This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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