New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing the punching new single from Tranquility, “Rain In May.” Although the song represents sentimental value in the past, it is urgent and forward with exactly what it wants to say. A short two and a half minutes, “Rain In May” is a throbbing emotional track from the Michigan trio. The music video for the song offers a nostalgic feel to it within its animation style, smoothly fitting with the song’s giant upswing towards the end. Flashes of color mix well with the sonic uproar. “Rain In May” is off of Tranquility’s upcoming full length, Sonic Propensity, out July 14th via Take This To Heart Records.

“‘Rain In May’ is about the nostalgic feeling rain brings to me. It takes me back to days of being younger, outside playing with my brothers and friends in the woods without a care in the world, but with the nostalgic feeling of my childhood brings up questions for my current self. I find myself simply wondering, who am I? And curious if I pick who I am or am I slowly losing grasp of everything that I use to be the older I get? And as the older I get I find it gets harder to have the same amount of faith in things that I use to have. So I find myself in this overall state of confusion, but the thing I leaned about confusion is that it is all in your mind. And that’s why the last lyrics for the song are “take a look past my mind” I hope others and my own self are able to see past my fears and confusion I create in my head. I want people to see me past my mind and to see my soul instead.”

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