Italian slow-core instrumental duo Tristan da Cunha and doom-psych vocalist Julinko join over a new collaboration.

“Too Deep For Us” is a powerful track of the duo’s latest album “Onda da Mar.” This new version is enriched by Julinko’s lyrics and vocals, inspired the magnificence of oceanic waves, and gives a completely new feeling and force to the song.

The catalyst for this is Instrumental VS Vocalist, a compilation out this late June and including collaborations between artists like Stefania Pedretti (Ovo, Alos), Raise, Nàresh Ran, Nadsat, and others. More info about it can be found at  here

“Putting my voice over Tristan da Cunha’s beautiful track happened to be a truly natural process. It was clear since we met in the occasion of joint a show last November that our music had something elemental in common.“

All proceeds from the digital downloads of “Too Deep For Us” will be donated to,a global, human rights organization with a solid commitment over the years to supporting indigenous populations to speak out and claim rights to their ancestral territories.

“After Covid19 it, seems clear that the answer to prevent other pandemic crises lies in the defense of the delicate ecological equilibrium we live in, the care for a fair distribution of resources, the fight for the respects of basic human rights,” the explain.


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