Trochee Trochee are stoked on their new video for “Angelika Nosebleed,” a track from their new album, Norton Critical Edition, out November 22 on Ghostie Recordings.

This video is the first taste of Trochee Trochee’s five-song EP. The band tracked live to cassette tape and shot the visuals themselves on 16mm film. The video’s saturated sights bear the grain of bygone DIY venues crossed with the sound of Brooklyn indie’s current trend towards the radio-friendly emo-pop of the early-00s. In theory, Trochee Trochee inject the focused empathy of Big Thief into the ear worm dynamics of Blink-182 and makes you mourn the death of indie cinematheques in the process.

“This film is a true story of the MoviePass era,” the band says. “In particular,  ‘Angelika Nosebleed’ flashes back to the brief and strange spring of 2018 when movie audiences all across the country first felt that sharp twinge of scam. If you were out of the MoviePass loop, they folded last month, and the nightmare is over. Oh, and there was an actual nosebleed belonging to our friend Kyle Milner, who fittingly produced this film. It stars Sam James Corrie as Kyle, as well as our friends Charles Caster-Dudzick (also editor), Madeline Jaffe (also production designer), and Alex Allen. This wouldn’t be possible without a single one of them.” 

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