Video Premiere: Vanish – “Dead”

We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Vanish’s music video for their new single “Dead” (watch it below). The band comment on the video:

​”The music video for our new single ‘Dead’​ ​gives our listeners a taste of what a live show might look like.​ ​For this video we really wanted to focus more on the band, and less on a storyline.​ ​That being said, the bathroom scenes seen in the video mirror​​ the emotion that is​ ​being expressed in the lyrics.​ ​Showing a person feeling helpless and breaking down, as​ ​we all feel and do from time to time. The video was shot by Danard Lenoir in​ ​Brooklyn, New York, at​ ​an art studio called Forgotten Works Studio​, and edited by Ned Ingalls.​ ​We felt more comfortable shooting this video, a​​s​ ​we had previously worked with both Danard and Ned on our first video for ‘Only in​ ​my Head​.’ The studio gave the perfect dark and ominous vibe for the song., and we​ ​can’t want to share it with everyone!”

The band comment on the song:

“Our song ‘Dead’​ ​is about the hollowness and distance in modern relationships.The song was based on a relationship that our vocalist/lyricist Patrick was in.​ ​The song mainly gets its title from one of the main points of the song which is​ ‘​what would you do without me?’ It’s about watching someone you love slowly turn away from you, and feeling helpless​ or betrayed in the situation.The overall theme of the song is revenge and eventually reasoning… The song was co-written with the help of our producer Johnny Franck at his studio in Ohio.​”

Post-hardcore New Jersey quintet Vanish draws musical influences from bands such as My Chemical Romance, Mariana’s Trench, and Sleeping With Sirens while bringing in their own unique aesthetic to the core of their sound. From heavy hitting riffs to catchy choruses and emotional lyrics Vanish draw attention not only for their energetic music but for their dramatic on-stage performances. With the release of their new single “Dead” on Outerloop Records they are surely a band to watch out for in 2017. Vanish is Patrick Hamilton (vocals), Nick Perrone (drums), Bobby Miller (guitar), Justin Beacham (guitar), and Jack Hinson (bass).

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