New Noise Magazine is pleased to be premiering La femme taupe from punk act VICTIME. This record has a ton of groove to it, really emphasized in the percussive accents to songs, starting with the opener “Herbes et curiosités.” The guitars have their own swing to them, giving an element of added rhythm to the track’s hectic feel. The chaotic feel of the record never dials down, finding new and intricate ways to push songs forward with plenty of exotic moments throughout. Even in “Fatigue” there are some quieter moments, but they are hazy and full of effect driven ambiance. La femme taupe is out on February 23rd via Michel Records, and this is a release that every fan of punk should hear. It pushes the boundaries while maintaining that raw aesthetic. This record pushes diversity as well.

“When we started VICTIME, we knew that an album was coming already so we figured that the faster the better. So we wrote, recorded and put out La femme taupe in under a year. We also want to tour as much as possible and not get tured of playing the same songs over and over. We feel the need to always create new stuff. Not so much out of emotional expression but mostly out of a real urge to create. A good bit of our process is trying to find success and positive creative experiences in hurried jams and borderline realistic deadlines. So when Guillaume (Ponctuation, Solids, Jesuslesfilles) expressed interest in recording with us on his Tascam tape machine (on which we recorded most of the album) we immediately agreed even though we hadn’t actually finished writing the tracks to be. We feel like the ‘no turning back’ process of analog recording fits our vibe and has helped us get the best out of ourselves on the record.” – VICTIME

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In early 2017, VICTIME set the stage with Mon VR de Rêvea corrosive and dented EP which earned the trio of young hopefuls a place of choice in the future of francophone punk rock. On February 23, 2018, the trio are back with the release of La femme Taupe on Michel Records.

++ Release launch at La Sala Rossa with Ponctuation March 1st :

++ Release launch at Le Pantoum with Ponctuation March 2nd :



This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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