Three months after the release of ‘Swept In Black’ via Isolation Records, Lifesick’s follow up release to their debut ‘6.0.1’ on Southern Lord, the band reveals another new music video for ‘Keep Me Under’ in exclusive on New Noise Magazine.

Matching the band’s dark and depressive image, the video illustrates a person’s ego perspective breaking into their enemies home and kidnapping them for their final defeat.

“I’m about to show some fucking teeth  / Bite on and make them bleed  / Drag them down to their knees / Admit your defeat”.

“’Keep Me Under’ is about being kept down by society as well as the people around you and just keeping a straight face the whole time. But we are humans and there’s a limit to how much we can take. So at one point the ballon pops and hell breaks loose. With the aggressive images matching the mindset, this video tries to capture that feeling in a visual form.” states the band.

Lifesick will be playing Northcote Festival in the Netherlands with Malevolence, Lowest Creature, Brutality Will Prevail and more this coming weekend.

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