The song “Kärleken är död” (Love is dead) is the opening track of the anticipated second full-length from Swedish Vi som älskade varandra så mycket.

Lyrically, the song deals with the aftermath of losing someone you love. It deals with the hardships of loss and finding the way back to love and life again. It starts in a place of despair but leads to some kind of hope. The video is shot, directed, and edited by singer Arvid Ringborg and guitarist Johan Angantyr. It is a spiritual follow-up to first and only video so far by the band for Du och jag och tiden.

Once again, the band uses animal masks, creating a surreal atmosphere. It is a visual interpretation of the song, and though the lyrics are reflected, there is no clear storyline. ”The song is very emotional and probably one of the heaviest songs we ever recorded. We want the video to emphasize the drama and emotions of the song while it can stand alone as a piece of art. As a viewer, you can read whatever you want into it. Either it is meaningful or it’s just a bunch of people monkeying around in the forest,” says singer Arvid Ringborg.

The record Det Onda. Det Goda. Det Vackra. Det Fula. (The Bad. The Good. The Beautiful. The Ugly.) will be released by Moment of Collapse Records in Europe and Zeugma Beach Records in North America



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