New Noise Magazine is excited to be bringing forth the dark, gloomy track “Betonozean” by Vlimmer. A project of Alexander Donat, the song features grim textures that accent a side of shoegaze focused on an atmospheric style set in the witching hour. The song sits at near eight minutes in length, but allows all of the orchestration to sink in with the listener because of the depth of the ghoulish nature. Featuring vocals that feel like wisps in the cold breeze, the song’s rhythm section really drives it forward. Vlimmer are preparing to release an album before the end of the year, with “Betonozean” leading the front in a glimpse at what exactly the band has in store. The record will be released via Blackjack Illuminist Records.

“Initially, Vlimmer was born to realize my idea of dark shoegaze and gloomy krautrock, as I just couldn’t find enough bands doing atmospheric and fast songs. That’s basically one of the reasons for making music: creating the music I want to listen to but cannot find. “Betonozean” is based on a motoric beat which is altered only slightly within its 8 minutes. The guitars and harmonies start rather airy and dreamy, the polyphonic vocals add to that feeling, but gradually the song turns into something that grows darker with every minute. It’s like escaping a thunderous cloud with an airplane for the first time, just to get absorbed in a black hole not even two minutes later with hell opening up in the final two and a half minutes, background screaming and sawing guitars involved. It’s probably the noisiest, fuzziest and most brutal Vlimmer finish to date.” – Alexander Donat



This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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