Upstate New York multi-genre solo outfit Walking Bombs presents the outfit’s most dynamic recordings to date with their new full-length, Sphinges, Sibling Selves And Queens, out this August via Nefarious Industries. To get you hyped, they just premiered a new track, “Body Lights.”

“‘Body Lights’ was originally written in the early 00′ in a fairly different form in my old post-hardcore/nu-metal band Divest, written a while after the record we did with Doc from Bad Brains,” says Morgan Evans, the brainchild behind Walking Bombs. “I can’t remember if we played it live ever (maybe once at The Rhinecliff Hotel with Dave Bodie, ex-Kayo Dot, on drums … but there was an arrangement. It was never recorded. I changed all the music and only kept the chorus, lyrics, and melody, the first verse and outro lyrics. The second verse and bridge lyrics are all new to reflect the modern political times. It also felt like it wanted to just be a sort of straightforward but rocking melodic punk song with a Bad Religion/Anti-Flag influence.
“The song is about not giving up hope and about the spark inside of us. It also is about how centrist Dems and leftists destroy one another instead of finding common ground and then moving left. How the right wing finds that hysterical, and we fall for it every fucking time as they laugh. Or you see Bernie Bros who say identity politics don’t matter, which drives me nuts. We do need unity, but you also can’t pretend the lived social experiences of a black man or trans woman or a nonbinary person or even a cis, white woman is the same as a white, cis male.
“So, how do we unify but also not talk over one another’s concerns and make people feel erased? We need to empathize with our own joys and pains first and form a strong coalition before Dems pander to, say, the alt-right or Republican, rural, white men in the umpteenth absurd NY Times profile piece that doesn’t ever end up swaying many voters who have already decided to have blinders on and be shitty people. The core of the Democratic Party who saves our asses is black women, time and again. We don’t want to lose them.
“Anyway, this song means a lot to finish, because one of my best friends, original Coheed And Cambria/Shabutie drummer Nate Kelley, drove upstate and played drums on it. We haven’t done any songs together in over a decade! Real ones know Nate is a complete beast on the kit. He was also in a few incarnations of Divest with me and a band called Pontius Pilate Sales Pitch. Right now, he is in a killer sludge pop indie band, Laterals, and also plays with original Misfits member Googy in The Noise.
“In addition, Jay Andersen of Surmiser added melodic guitar with a kind of Face To Face feel, and my good friend Alison Babylon of The Beautiful Bastards came and sang backup vocals on an amazing, philosophical afternoon. Nate and I used to open up for Alison’s old band Oblivion Grin in the 90s, so it meant a lot to have the ‘Our Voices Count For More’ lyric be sung with me by someone I looked up to growing up and who has also grappled with gender constructs like I have.”

Addison is reviews and online news editor for New Noise. She specializes in metal, queer issues, and dog cuddles.

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