Warren Teagarden and the Good Grief are stoked to present “The Deal,” a single from their forthcoming record Modern Drugs, out November 12 on Meaningless World Records.

Warren Teagarden and The Good Grief are a dynamic pop/punk band from San Francisco. Diving into the back catalogue is a treat of its own, but with their new single “The Deal” you will find one thing missing, an acoustic guitar. The lead single is the perfect introduction to their new album, Modern Drugs.

The brilliant delivery and jangle-pop guitar sensibilities, sounds that are nostalgic to the golden era of indie rock, direct you down a path toward the future of where guitar music is heading. The album is more eclectic than some modern indie rock albums, and truly showcases the songwriting of Warren Teagarden. Backed by a powerfully unified band, Warren Teagarden and The Good Grief are poised to be the next Bay Area breakout band of 2019.

“We recorded the album ourselves on a Tascam 388 reel-to-reel,” says Teagarden. “It’s a bit heavier and possibly a bit weirder than our previous records.”

Preorder the album here. 


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