Basking in the ambiance of natural compositions, Wil Bolton creates more than just music. Wil Bolton creates the textures that surround the ever day norm of life, and has continued to do just that with Night Paths. From the opening swells of “Yesterday’s Clouds” to the bursting chimes of “Glint,” it is clear there is a detailed sense of drone creativity littered into the record. A therapy session upon every listen, Night Paths is surely a record that will find the emotional sides of life and accent them with a unique and gifted soundtrack. Either that or Wil Bolton will help write the story of one’s life with the clarity of a epiphany. Night Paths is out via Hidden Vibes on September 1st.

“Night Paths is an album of dreamy ambience inspired by reveries of moonlit summer nights, walking aimlessly through forest paths. Made with a refined instrumental palette of electric guitar, analogue synthesizers and looper pedals, asynchronous loops and layers merge and collide in hypnotic lulling repetitions. An array of stomp box effects and crackling amp noise blur and disrupt these tones. Swathes of gauzy reverb and woozy delays and chorusing effects evoke daydreams and soft-focus memories.” – Wil Bolton

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Wil Bolton is a London-based artist and musician, whose work uses guitars, acoustic instruments, vintage keyboards and effects to create warm and emotive melodies, fragmented and submerged among beds of droning ambient textures and environmental sounds. He has released albums on labels including Hibernate, Time Released Sound, Eilean, Home Normal, Dauw, Dronarivm and Fluid Audio. He has also shown his sound and video works in exhibitions at ICA, Incheon Art Platform, Liverpool Biennial and others, and has performed at venues including Cafe Oto, Tate Liverpool and I’Klectik Art Lab.



This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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