Video Premiere: Your Highness – ‘Born Anew’

Aptly titled stoner doom band Your Highness are premiering their new video “Born Anew” on their self-titled album October 11 via Hoogheid Records.

“Our sound guy, Jeroen De Vriese (aka JAYDEEVIDEO), came up with the idea that we should come together to play this song, but the story went otherwise; we all play in different bands we don’t like.
“We hooked up with a Honda Camino Motorcycle Club called ‘The Rambo’s’ from Wuustwezel. It’s a typical Flemish town, and the clip is very typical Flemish. The landscape, beers, all of it. They were very cool to lend their prized motorcycles for a day to do whatever we wanted. Those bikes were legendary bikes in the 90s in this region. Cheap, everyone had them. Now, they don’t build them anymore.
“We ended up in the motorcycle club bar where we got drunk and started slipping and drifting indoors. That’s were the last shot came from. Wasn’t originally planned. It suggested we hated our gigs and came depressed at the bar back home.”
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