Video Premiere: Devansh – ‘Trust’

London-based multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Devansh is sharing his new song, “Trust.” The song questions the purpose of musicianship and personal creativity, and also the actual meaning of “success,” which we measure frequently.

Watch the video here:

Devansh shares his thoughts:

“I’ve been in a period of interrogation recently, struggling with people’s expectations of me musically—be it friends, family, or folks in the industry—leading to various moments of stagnation, writer’s block, ambivalence, and defeat.

“I keep coming back to similar questions over and over. What does it mean to ‘make it’ and be ‘successful’ in today’s world? To constantly grind and have creative output—Is that really the only way? Because this path can’t just be about numbers and results and streams—The process of making music itself has to be fulfilling.

“The lyrics talk about the advice I’ve been given—that happiness and success ‘come with time’ and ‘to push through and (I’d) find these questions fade along the way’—Yet so far, ‘I’m not feeling any clarity.’ I sing about how ‘I left the home I knew’ by leaving New York City to pursue music in London, but ‘I still don’t know the reasons’ behind anything despite ‘covering them a thousand times.”

He adds:

“’Trust’ was initially written alongside my friend Józef Sagajllo-Batterberry and features regular collaborators in bassist Rudi Creswick, drummer Jamie Houghton, and co-producer Chris Hyson. We started with the guitar chord progression in a studio in East London last winter, and from there, I added Motown-inspired drum loops before the production finished with live rhythm section tracking, final vocals and synths, and additional guitar layers from London-based artists SRF and Tibo Step. 

“With funky verses that open into expansive choruses over a bed of crispy lo-fi drums and James Jamerson-like bass lines, my goal was to create stark dynamic contrasts so listeners could get drawn into the verse grooves before the choruses transport them to a completely different place. The powerful synths—held down by Juno pads and a Yamaha CS-5 lead—reflect the alternating frustration and catharsis I’ve been feeling recently with the musical process. And, as per usual, I had to end the track with a big, dreamy outro. ‘Trust’ probably evokes some of my inspirations in Jordan Rakei, Tame Impala, and Sam Evian, but in my own synth-forward and psychedelia-tinged style.”


Devansh is a veteran trumpeter with years of experience of playing in several bands. The artist released his debut solo album To Feel Free in 2023, to huge critical acclaim. The album was co-produced by Jordan Rakei. The new song “Trust” is released through Hourglass Records. With the vast experience he has gathered by playing with London’s top musicians, he shapes his own music with a unique blend of jazz and psychedelic approach.

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Photo courtesy of Devansh

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