Album Premiere: 13 Necklace – ‘On and Off’

NYC-based indie rock band 13 Necklace are releasing their first proper full-length, On and Off, taking cues from their first two releases while introducing a heavier, poppier sound.

The band initially started as a purely solo outlet in 2019, eventually evolving into a fully fledged band. Today, the 13 Necklace live lineup consists of Danny Evans on guitar and vocals, Milo Sussman on bass, and Danny Caro on drums. With the return of concerts following periods of quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the band have been able to move forward with a new beginning of sorts, exploring how the project will look in a live capacity.

Danny Evans talks more about On and Off and what it means to him as an artist:

On and Off is an intensely personal record that came out of a very difficult period in my life. Sonically, it’s something like a return to my roots as a musician. 13 Necklace began in 2019 as a solo project with a more closed-in character; the first two records were, in many ways, not fully ‘fleshed out.’ I find that On and Off feels bigger, fuller, and more complete to me.”

Listen to On and Off here:

For more from 13 Necklace, find them on Instagram.

Photo courtesy of 13 Necklace

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