Album Premiere: Adoran – “Artemisia”

ADORAN is a duo featuring Aidan Baker (also of Nadja, WERL, Hypnodrone Ensemble, etc.) & Dorian Williamson (also of Northumbria, Holoscene). Combining elements of post-rock, doom, sludge, & drone, the duo makes heavy, spacey, trippy music to shake your head & your body. Their debut, self-titled CD was released in 2013 and their second, Children of Mars, in 2015, both on Consouling Sounds.

Artemisia is Adoran’s fourth full-length release and, unlike previous albums, was recorded via file-sharing. Dorian’s bass-tracks were recorded in Cobourg, Canada and Aidan’s drums, and the final mixing and mastering, in Berlin, Germany. This gives the album a much different feel than previous records, a starker, stripped-down, and more minimalistic vibe, while still attempting to keep the interplay and intuitive responses between the two musicians intact. The album is out today via Tartarus Tape.

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