Album Premiere: As We Suffer – ‘The Fallen Pillars’

Canadian metallers As We Suffer are an amalgamation of several heavy subgenres rolled into one. Hovering between metalcore, punk, hardcore, groove metal, and a tinge of melodic hard rock, the band takes listeners on a journey through each track.

New Noise are proud to premiere the group’s debut album, The Fallen Pillars, in full below:

On the album’s release, the band states:

“This is our first full-length album and we’re excited to bring every single track on it to the masses. We are all influenced by various styles of metal and rock and we wanted to give an accurate portrayal of ourselves to fans.

From the djent/metalcore feel of the album title track and the groove metal of ‘Concrete Fist,’ to the hardcore catchy vibe of ‘Shadows Caste in White’ and the absolute, balls-to-the-wall brutality of ‘Malicious Compliance.’ Overall, we hope enjoy it!”

In the early days, As We Suffer focused on a more metal-infused skate punk vibe with major influence stemming from Pennywise, Strung Out, and NOFX but it very quickly took on a more metal feel. Since 2020, the sound has further morphed into a more metalcore vibe along the lines of early Killswitch Engage and Bullet for my Valentine, while still maintaining a distinct hardcore style.

Four of the original band members have known each other for a long time, with two of the members, vocalist Matt Caldwell and bassist Ryan Caldwell being cousins; together with their long-time friend’s drummer Chris Nunn and Jason Yocom. The band officially established in 2018 picking a name that represents unity in the existential suffering we all experience. Eventually, they were joined by guitarist Derik Roblin.

The album’s themes revolve around the pillars of truth. Each song deals with destructive concepts and beliefs that we, as a society/people, should not prop up as truths. It is an experience of unhealthy and damaging thoughts/emotions that explore existentialism, politics, religious fanaticism, and truth through different styles of heavy music.

Pre-order and stream The Fallen Pillars here.

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