Album Premiere: Banda Destruida – ‘Banda Destruida’

Santiago, Chile-based group Banda Destruida are sharing their new self-titled album October 7, but you can catch the new project premiering right here, in full, at New Noise. Take a listen!

The band first began in 2013, when Rodrigo Laiseca (drums, vocals) and Patricio Zamorano (guitar, vocals) decided to continue playing music as a duo after the Losmodestos trio ended. In the years that folow, they came up with 12 songs, building upon ideas and dropping others, mutating concepts from one rehearsal to the next. The band soon saw the need to for a bassist, which saw the introduction of Mauricio Tapia.

Banda Destruida create a brilliant, unique mix of hardcore/punk, alternative/math rock, even mixing in some native Latin rhythms here and there, resulting in powerful music leaving listeners wanting more.

In 2021, the band were invited by Beer City Skateboards & Records to join their label, and now they are eagerly awaiting their next chapter as they share their newest collection of tracks with the masses.

Laiseca chats more about the new record:

“The plan always was to write and compose inspired by Chilean and Latin music, but also looking forward to merging styles, melodies and rhythms, experimenting with them and pushing them to the limits. Of course, in this matter, transitions are very important to give some coherence to un-logical musical fusions. In April 2021, Beer City Skateboards & Records invited Banda Destruida to join their catalogue, which made us very proud. We are extremely grateful to the label for this amazing opportunity. So, we invite everyone to check the label store and buy our album. Right now, we are working on new songs and getting ready to go inside a studio again.”

Preorder the new album here, and stream to Banda Destruida’s new self-titled LP in full below:

For more from Banda Destruida, find them on Instagram, Facebook, and the Beer City website.
Photo courtesy of Banda Destruida
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